ECB's Lane speech

Philip Richard Lane is an Executive Board member of the European Central Bank since June 1st, 2019 and its Chief Economist. Before being appointed as an ECB member, he was the Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland.

Most recent - Tuesday 28 November 2023 18:30

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Economic context

Recent economic data has been broadly neutral for EUR. The following recent announcements may affect the market reaction to ECB's Lane speech:

Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (MoM)(no change)-0.7%-0.7%
Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (YoY)(no change)2.3%2.3%
Employment Change (QoQ)Bullish change0.1%0.2%
Gross Domestic Product s.a. (QoQ)(no change)-0.1%-0.1%
Gross Domestic Product s.a. (YoY)Bearish change0.1%0%
Industrial Production n.s.a. w.d.a. (YoY)Bullish change-3.6%-3.5%
Industrial Production s.a. (MoM)Bullish change-1.3%-0.4%
Retail Sales (MoM)Bullish change-0.1%0.1%
Retail Sales (YoY)Bullish change-2.9%-1.2%
Factory Orders n.s.a. (YoY)Bearish change-4.3%-7.3%
Factory Orders s.a. (MoM)Bearish change-0.5%-3.7%
Producer Price Index (MoM)Bearish change0.5%0.2%
Producer Price Index (YoY)Bullish change-12.4%-9.4%
HCOB Composite PMIBullish change47.147.6
HCOB Composite PMIBullish change47.147.8
HCOB Services PMIBullish change48.749.6
HCOB Services PMIBullish change47.749.5
HCOB Services PMIBearish change51.151
Sentix Investor ConfidenceBullish change-18.6-16.8
Trade Balance s.a.Bullish change€16.7B€17.8B
Gross Domestic Product (QoQ)Bullish change0%0.1%
Gross Domestic Product (YoY)Bullish change0%0.1%
HCOB Manufacturing PMIBullish change42.342.6
HCOB Manufacturing PMIBearish change44.944.4
HCOB Manufacturing PMIBullish change45.146.3
Consumer Price Index (EU Norm) (YoY)Bearish change1.8%0.7%
Consumer Price Index (YoY)Bearish change1.7%0.8%
Core Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (MoM)Bearish change0.2%-0.6%
Core Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (YoY)Bearish change4.2%3.6%
Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (MoM)Bearish change0.1%-0.5%
Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (YoY)Bearish change2.9%2.4%
Unemployment Rate(no change)6.5%6.5%
Unemployment ChangeBullish change30K22K
Unemployment Rate s.a.Bearish change5.8%5.9%
Consumer Price Index (EU norm) (YoY)Bearish change4.5%3.8%
Retail Sales (MoM)Bullish change-0.8%1.1%
Retail Sales (YoY)Bullish change-4.3%-0.1%
Consumer Price Index (MoM)Bearish change0%-0.4%
Consumer Price Index (YoY)Bearish change3.8%3.2%
Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (MoM)Bearish change-0.2%-0.7%
Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (YoY)Bearish change3%2.3%
Business ClimateBearish change-0.33-0.39
Consumer Confidence(no change)-16.9-16.9
Economic Sentiment IndicatorBullish change93.593.8
Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (YoY)Bearish change3.5%3.2%
Gfk Consumer Confidence SurveyBullish change-28.1-27.8

About ECB's Lane speech

Source:European Central Bank
Category:Central Banks

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