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Free downloads provided by FX Blue for traders and software developers, including our hugely popular Personal Trade Copier and Trading Simulator.

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Personal Trade Copier for MT4/5

The Personal Trade Copier duplicates trades between any installations of MT4 or MT5 on the same computer - simply use the MT4 EA in MT4, and the MT5 EA in MT5. Supports any broker. Copying is almost instant, limited only by your broker's speed. Hundreds of settings, including the ability to change lot sizing and risk, invert trade direction, control which trades are copied, and even extend the copier with your own MQL code.

Trading Simulator for MT4/5

The Trading Simulator converts the MT4/5 strategy tester into a tool for practising manual trading using historic data. You can use the Simulator to test how well you would have fared under particular historic market conditions - and/or to check how well your favourite indicators would have guided you in the past.

Figaro App Suite for MT4/5

The Figaro app suite gives you unrivalled trading power and information inside the MT4 and MT5 desktop client terminal: currency strength, quote board and deal tickets, trade grid and card view, real-time sentiment, market scanner, calculators, premium charting.

Internet Trade Mirror for MT4/5

The Internet Trade Mirror copies trades between different MT4 and/or MT5 accounts, over the internet. Senders can control which trades are broadcast. Receivers can control which trades are copied, and can change the lot sizing and risk settings.

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Elevate your trading strategies with FX Blue's robust suite of developer tools. Join our developer community and unleash your full trading potential with FX Blue's versatile toolkit.
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