Trade Balance s.a.

The Trade Balance released by the Eurostat is a balance between exports and imports of total goods and services. A positive value shows trade surplus, while a negative value shows trade deficit. It is an event that generates some volatility for the EUR. Generally, if a steady demand in exchange for exports is seen, that would turn into a positive growth in the trade balance, and that should be positive for the EUR.

Most recent - Thursday 15 February 2024 10:00


Next event - Monday 18 March 2024 10:00


The typical/expected market impact of this event is low.

There is no forecast value for Trade Balance s.a. yet - check back for updates.

Trading range

Forecast history

The most recent announced value for Trade Balance s.a. was €13B.

Past events

Thursday 15 February 2024 10:00
Monday 15 January 2024 10:00
Friday 15 December 2023 10:00
Wednesday 15 November 2023 10:00
Monday 16 October 2023 09:00
Friday 15 September 2023 09:00
Thursday 17 August 2023 09:00
Friday 14 July 2023 09:00
Thursday 15 June 2023 09:00
Tuesday 16 May 2023 09:00
Thursday 20 April 2023 09:00
Monday 20 March 2023 10:00
Wednesday 15 February 2023 10:00
Friday 13 January 2023 10:00
Friday 16 December 2022 10:00
Tuesday 15 November 2022 10:00
Friday 14 October 2022 09:00
Thursday 15 September 2022 09:00
Tuesday 16 August 2022 09:00
Friday 15 July 2022 09:00
Wednesday 15 June 2022 09:00
Monday 16 May 2022 09:00
Wednesday 20 April 2022 09:00
Friday 18 March 2022 10:00
Tuesday 15 February 2022 10:00
Friday 14 January 2022 10:00
Thursday 16 December 2021 10:00
Monday 15 November 2021 10:00
Friday 15 October 2021 09:00
Thursday 16 September 2021 09:00
Friday 13 August 2021 09:00
Friday 16 July 2021 09:00
Tuesday 15 June 2021 09:00
Tuesday 18 May 2021 09:00
Friday 16 April 2021 09:00
Thursday 18 March 2021 10:00

Economic context

Recent economic data has been broadly neutral for EUR. Other recent announcements which may affect the market's interpretation of the next Trade Balance s.a. result:

Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (MoM)Bullish change-0.4%0.6%
Core Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (YoY)Bearish change3.3%3.1%
Core Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (MoM)Bullish change-0.9%0.7%
Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (YoY)Bearish change2.8%2.6%
Consumer Price Index (YoY)(no change)0.8%0.8%
Consumer Price Index (EU Norm) (YoY)(no change)0.9%0.9%
Unemployment RateBullish change6.5%6.4%
HCOB Manufacturing PMIBullish change42.342.5
HCOB Manufacturing PMIBullish change48.548.7
HCOB Manufacturing PMIBullish change49.251.5
Consumer Price Index (MoM)Bullish change0.2%0.4%
Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (YoY)Bearish change3.1%2.7%
Consumer Price Index (YoY)Bearish change2.9%2.5%
Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (MoM)Bullish change-0.2%0.6%
Unemployment ChangeBearish change-2K11K
Unemployment Rate s.a.Bearish change5.8%5.9%
Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (YoY)Bearish change3.5%2.9%
Consumer Price Index (EU norm) (YoY)Bearish change3.4%3.1%
Retail Sales (MoM)Bullish change-1.6%-0.4%
Retail Sales (YoY)Bullish change-1.7%-1.4%
Economic Sentiment IndicatorBearish change96.195.4
Consumer Confidence(no change)-15.5-15.5
Business Climate(no change)-0.42-0.42
Gfk Consumer Confidence SurveyBullish change-29.6-29
IFO – Business ClimateBullish change85.285.5
IFO – Current Assessment(no change)86.986.9
IFO – ExpectationsBullish change83.584.1
Gross Domestic Product (YoY)(no change)-0.2%-0.2%
Gross Domestic Product (QoQ)(no change)-0.3%-0.3%
Gross Domestic Product w.d.a (YoY)(no change)-0.4%-0.4%
Core Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (YoY)(no change)3.3%3.3%
Core Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (MoM)(no change)-0.9%-0.9%
Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (MoM)(no change)-0.4%-0.4%
HCOB Services PMIBullish change48.450
HCOB Manufacturing PMIBearish change46.646.1
HCOB Composite PMIBullish change47.948.9
Consumer Price Index (EU Norm) (YoY)(no change)0.9%0.9%
Consumer Price Index (YoY)(no change)0.8%0.8%
HCOB Services PMIBullish change47.748.2
HCOB Manufacturing PMIBearish change45.542.3
HCOB Composite PMIBearish change4746.1
HCOB Manufacturing PMIBullish change43.146.8
HCOB Services PMIBullish change45.448
HCOB Composite PMIBullish change44.647.7
Consumer ConfidenceBullish change-16.1-15.5

About Trade Balance s.a.

Category:Capital Flows

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