Oanda registration with account sync

Account sync
Oanda publication facilities are currently in beta and being tested. At the moment, only Practice accounts are supported.

To set up account sync with an Oanda account, please enter your Oanda account number, choose a password for logging into your new FX Blue account on this site, and tell us your email address. When you click on the Register button you will then be prompted to give us read-only access to your Oanda account.

Please note that our publisher app for Oanda updates more frequently than account sync. Account sync is more convenient, but running an app on your own computer is faster.

Oanda account
Account number:
Create new FX Blue account
FX Blue user ID: (min 3 chars, max 20)
FX Blue password: (min 6 chars)
Email address:
When you click on Register a pop-up window from Oanda will ask you to log in, and to authorize FX Blue's read-only access to the account number above. We cannot see your Oanda password, and we cannot trade on your account.

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