Slingshot FAQ

What is Slingshot?

Slingshot is an easy way of distributing an MT4 chart and also all the .ex4 files for custom indicators or an EA on that chart. The Slingshot Author app creates a single self-extracting executable which installs the chart file into selected copies of MT4, including all the chart's settings, and also installs the .ex4 files.

Example uses:

  • Providing files to support a webinar - clients can easily get the same chart set-up and all the indicators used by the trainer in a webinar
  • Sharing your favourite chart set-up with other people
  • Copying trading settings between MT4 installations on your own computer – either indicator settings for manual trading, or an EA and the parameters you are using
  • Distributing an EA or custom indicator to clients, together with recommended or example settings

There is also a premium version of Slingshot with the ability to distribute DLL files; display terms and conditions; create installers on your own computer rather than uploading them to FX Blue. Premium users can also have bespoke versions of Slingshot pages.

Slingshot Author user guide

For more information about Slingshot, please see the online user guide or download the PDF version for the Author app

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