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For the information which we need to add a new server to the account sync, please see the FAQ. We cannot add new servers without an example account number and password, and the server information described in the FAQ.

To change your account details, or reset the account by publishing from a new broker account, please see the FAQ.

If you know the email address you registered from, you can reset your password online.

If you have forgotten the PIN for your account, you can change this from the settings page which is displayed immediately after logging in.

For help using the Personal Trade Copier, please see the user guide.

We cannot answer support questions unless you send us the logs which the Copier creates.

For help receiving signals through the Internet Trade Mirror, please contact your signal sender. We provide the Mirror as a free service on the basis that signal senders, not FX Blue, handle the support for their subscribers.

For help on the Simulator, please see the user guide.

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