FX Blue Publisher EA for MT4

FX Blue Publisher EA for MT4

Our publisher EA is our recommended way of publishing your statements from MT4 to FX Blue Live: faster, more flexible, and more reliable than MT4's built-in FTP publishing.

About the app

FX Blue's Publisher EA is our recommended way of publishing MT4 trading histories to the www.fxblue.com website. Our MT4 account sync is simpler because you do not need to run anything on your computer, but the Publisher EA is more flexible and can be configured to publish more frequently.

By default, the Publisher will update your trading results on the website every 5 minutes, or whenever you open or close a new position. You can change this behaviour and make publication more frequent using the EA's settings.

You can also use the settings to control options such as the following:

  • Don't publish open positions; only publish closed trades.
  • Set a delay before trades are published.
  • Set a start date for the publication (i.e. exclude trading activity before a set date).
  • Exclude particular instruments or MT4 magic numbers (trading systems)

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