About the event scanning

The scanner looks for events which are close to happening, such as new highs and lows, and which may cause a reaction in the market.

The scanner currently looks for the following types of events:

  • New highs and lows
  • Golden crosses and death crosses
  • Breakouts of Bollinger bands (price 2SD above/below mean)
  • Breakouts of historic swing points (fractals)
  • Markets which are strongly trending or ranging

The scanner will not typically find all these types of event all the time. Only some of the event types will be listed. The scanner also lists recent highs and lows, to provide context for any potential new highs and lows which it finds.

You can change the settings for the scanner using the cog icon. You can also change the list of markets which it scans.

The scanning is mainly intended to be used with daily (D1) chart data, but you can change the timeframe.

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